Naga Prasad, accomplished in various fields, created National and world records and still is going strong with a single minded thought and unflinching focus on the records that are yet to be broken.

"It all started with a belief that there is absolutely nothing that is impossible. All it requires is self confidence and determination."

Just about 29 years old, armed with a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum, Karnataka, he is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Business Management from the prestigious Indian Institute of Planning and Management, Hyderabad. This is just one of the facets of Naga Prasad, called affectionately as "Nag" by friends.

Look closer and beneath the humble person that he is, you will see a young mind fertile with ideas and an indomitable spirit that thrives on challenges. Nag has always tried to look beyond the horizons of human endeavor. He always believed in proving a point to the world that even with the least of resources, the most trying backgrounds all it takes is courage to think big and the desire to go for it. And then can success be far behind? Can recognition be far behind.

Nag holds 1 World Record, 2 Limca National Records and is just about to create some more records which will find it's way into the Guinness Book of World Records.

A promising sportsman, he aspires to build a successful career in shooting sports and is currently an official member of the Rifle Association of Andhra Pradesh.

He stands for the indomitable spirit of adventure, accomplishment and perseverance. He stands for continuous innovation and going that extra mile. He stands for carving a niche for himself, his country and demonstrate to every aspiring human being what it takes to make the big difference – between the winner and the "also ran."

"There is no substitute for Hardwork".
- Nag

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