Naga Prasad Life Story

Early Childhood

Naga Prasad was born in 1976 in Andhra Pradesh. Soon after his birth, his family had migrated to Hubli of Karnataka. He did entire schooling in Karnataka. He completed 10th standard in March 1992 and 11th standard in March 1993. As a child, he had many dreams of becoming doctor and serving society.

Troubled Adolescence

In February 1993, his family got major jolt when his sister eloped from home and got married against the wish of all the family members. During March 1994, he met with an accident and missed 12th standard examinations. Due to various family reasons, he could not restart his studies for next two years.

He appeared class 12th exams in March 1996. But in greed of getting excellent marks in Botany subject in order to get an easy entry to Medicine (MBBS), he had tried copying from another student and was caught red handed and was debarred from exams. He felt very bad on his own mistake and realized that to attain success, there is no shortcut except hard work. He also decided to fight against all odds in personal life to achieve what he wanted.


In October 1997, he joined Engineering course (BE) in Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum, Karnataka in Electronics & Communication stream again with bellyful of dreams to make a big in life. But, God had thought otherwise!

Another Havoc in Life

In April 1998, with the help of siblings his father killed mother through food poisoning. What a pathetic situation? He had to shell down Rs. 500/- as bribe at Hubli Government Hospital to see the dead body of mother. He has approached police for justice. But, they closed the case fabricating it as a mere suicide. The incident had really shattered his world upside down.

In a fit of rage and out of frustration, he took law into hands and initiated physical and legal attacks on his relatives with primary aim to destroy their properties, education, jobs, etc. Thus, he had a brush with law and judiciary. He had faced many hurdles.

He started doing small part time jobs while continuing his education. During November 1999, all his relatives hatched a plan and beaten him black and blue. He got severe injuries. He had undergone surgery on lower face. He lost sensation on his lower face partially. But fortunately, he survived of those injuries and moved away from family, family members and relatives.

Revival of Life

All these hurdles taught him a lesson. He had realised and decided to prove his mettle to the world. He had diverted all his negative thoughts into positive decisions.

He had motivated his own inner-self and in January 2001, set the First National Record in Making and Flying 505 Paper Rockets in 60 minutes.
Again in May 2002, he set a new World Record for 36 hours Marathon Typing on Personal Computer. That is how; he had channelized his vengeance into unique record making capability.

Change of Mind

During Jan 2003, he had seen his father's second wife and her small children. Touched by their innocent faces, he decided to forgive his father, gave up all fights and decided to take up Shooting Sports as the life's ambition.

In March 2003, he had passed 53 BE subjects in two attempts (24+29) and set a new National Record. This rare feat was wowed by all his fellow students, faculty members and college management.

With self exploration, he read several books on various topics, subjects, theories, etc. and amassed the wealth of information and transformed his own persona with abundant positive outlook.

Life in Hyderabad

In order to pursue Shooting Sports as career, he migrated to Hyderabad in May 2004. Simultaneously, he enrolled into MBA (Marketing) at IIPM Hyderabad, one of the prestigious business schools in Andhra Pradesh.

During December 2004, he had initiated preparations for next World Record of 72 hours Marathon Typing on Personal Computer.

Problems again

In September 2005, bad luck struck him again when he met with another terrible accident in Pune. His left hand got fractured, lower jaw dislocated and he lost sensation in lower jaw permanently. He had undergone major surgery and doctors strongly advised him against all physical stress as he lost physical fitness due to the accident.

Once again, he felt as if all his dreams were shattered, went into acute depression and got hospitalized. Slowly, again with his own will power, he came out of depression and decided to fight back in life and started working afresh.

Website & Book

In December 2005, he had launched an official website and started writing a book. Within a short-time, he completed the writing part and approached sponsors and publishers.

During August 2006, he requested a politician's son to help in getting the Chief Minister to release the book. When he was asked to pay 1 lakh rupees as bribe for the same, he refused as it is against his principles.

He again faced major obstacle when his sponsors stepped back and sponsorship amount got diminished exponentially. It had affected him heavily and made him literally bankrupt. But, as problems were common for him, he stood against all odds and continued his efforts without sponsors' support.

Revealed the Past

In August 2006, he had revealed the past, his strenuous childhood experiences and disastrous family background in front of society through print and electronic media.

He had continued his quest for self excellence and went ahead and finished his first book.

First Book

In August 2006, his first book, "The Tale of 2 Great Nations" was released by the then Inspector General of Police Mr. Sambasiva Rao. He got acclaim and applause from book critics and readers for his unique style in story narration and simplicity in story building. The book fetched him name and fame in society.

Another Feather in Cap

On 15th August 2006, he had set another new World Record for Marathon Typing on a Personal Computer for 108 hours. It was widely promoted and published in both print and electronic media.

Media and Film interest

Due to wide coverage of his World Record in press and news, around 5 movie producers and 1 TV serial producer have approached him to purchase the rights of his personal life story. But he refused and asked them to support him in Sports in return for rights on his personal life history.

Major Milestones

He had completed MBA in 2006 and ventured into Realty Management. On 28th March 2008, he married Indira, daughter of a District Court Judge with the approval of family members.

Motivation, as way of Life

He had done extensive analysis of his own capabilities and experiences and finally selected motivation as the profession.
Thus, in January 2009, he incorporated Yuvaraj Motivators Private Limited.

As the motivational speaker, he had addressed students in educational institutions and universities, interacted with journalists and media personalities, met and discussed with political party volunteers, motivated cops and security forces, motivated inmates in 36 central jails, and inspired PSUs, Lawyers, IPS trainees, Faculty members, Orphans, SC/ST students, national sports federations etc. So far, he has interacted and motivated around 2 lakhs people from various walks of life.

Troubles and Triumphs

Problems and Praises were part of Naga Prasad's life story. Troubles and Triumphs have played hide-and-seek game with his life. On 11 October 2009, he blessed with son Master Vishnu Vardhan. In November 2010, he got qualified in National Pistol Shooting Championship.

Recently, he faced yet another life threatening challenge. During February 2012, he was diagnosed with Intestinal Cancer. But this time, he took it on his stride and undergone treatment and is now away from risk.

Today, he is continuing his journey with same zeal and commitment. Life has taught him many bitter lessons and also gave better opportunities. He took both with positive approach. He firmly believes in one thing: "Face Troubles and Triumphs with same intent... Do good always and by all means."

Today, his life has stood as a towering example for many to get inspiration and motivation.

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