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The Limca Book of National Records, is known for recording superlative human accomplishments. Accomplishments that are world records and leaving the challenge behind for the rest of the human race to surpass. These records are commendable achievements and are achieved after vigorous training and repeated practice. Needless, to mention the courage, determination and the perseverance of the record holder gets tested beyond imagination.

Among one of those records, the first record which he made on 25th of January ,2001 in the campus of Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum, Karnataka was for making 505 paper rockets in one hour. In the presence of judges, press, principal of the respective college and staff & students of the college, he made the record over a period of one hour with a minimum throwing distance of 5 feet. Folding a paper and giving it a proper shape is not an easy task and besides it was supposed to be a flying paper rocket which indeed was a crucial task. But then, with dedicated hard work and concentration, he made and flew 565 paper rockets out of which 505 were completed successfully in one hour. It was an amazing target to achieve and was achieved by breaking the previous record of 263 paper rockets in one hour by Mr.Ramesh Babu, a Professor.

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