Naga Prasad… Never give up
Namaste telangana news paper, Hyderabad

A spirit that refuses to give up
The hans news paper, Hyderabad.

Thinking path needs to be changed challenging faith
Eenadu news paper, Hyderabad.

Everybody's nag
Vaartha news paper, Hyderabad.

Succeeded life
Surya newspaper, Hyderabad.

Isolated….but hunts records
Eenadu news paper, Hyderabad.

Pistol changed his life
Prajavaani news paper, Bangalore.

Bravo nag
Delight news paper, Hyderabad.

He is just impossible
Andhra Jyothi news paper , Hyderabad.

I dare you
Deccan Post news paper, Hyderabad.

Confidence is his only investment
'N' News , Hyderabad .

Every human being has potential to perform and excel exponentially in terms of growth. Nag is the best live example for this and he can precisely revolutionise thoughts in audience minds.
Shri S V Sudhakar, Vice Chancellor, Dr B R Ambedkar University, Etcherla.

Nag's experiences will be brain storming to the crowd, undoubtedly he will transform his and other's lives , days ahead.
Shri C Gopinath Reddy, Rtd DG, AP Police, Hyderabad.

I have full confidence in his confidence to break barriers in life and reaching apex.
Shri K E Prabhakar Reddy, Former TDP Minister (1995-2004) AP.

Motivation is food to mind , Nag is the perfect person to feed students especially.
Shri Sambasiva Rao, Director APPA, Hyderabad.

I know Nag personally since 15 years. Nothing will stop Nag and his associates in succeeding their specified objectives.
Shri Vidya Prakash Kalra, Chief Engineer HVPN, Gurgaon.

Nag is the best combination of all ingredients.
Shri Srihari, Actor, Hyderabad.

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